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Shades of Grey Turns 1/4

Actually, the blog became three months old on the 13th, I believe. I just had midterms and stuff to focus on until earlier today. There were only a few things I wanted to mention at this point. First is that with midterms done, I should be able to work on the Chobits review fairly soon. It might still take some time, since it’s a more complicated series than a lot of the previous ones I reviewed, but it helps that I have the entire collection, so finding pictures shouldn’t be an issue. After that, I’d like to do Rosario + Vampire, but there’s someone I’d to get in contact with who knows it better than I do. If not, then it’ll be either Fairy Tail or Gamaran. Read the rest of this entry

Bleach – Chapter 472


And here I thought Byakuya didn't know that word.

There’s a particular fight scene in the manga Rurouni Kenshin that comes to mind when I think of this chapter. Towards the end of that series, Saito Hajime had to fight an opponent whose specialty was understanding the way a technique works almost instantly. If you know anything about Saito’s Gatotsu, you’ll understand how that can leave him at a disadvantage. The opponent gloats that he can’t win with his technique figured out, only for Saito to perform a minor variation of the technique and completely cripple his opponent. The idea was that simply knowing someone’s technique isn’t enough to secure a victory. Read the rest of this entry

Fairy Tail – Chapter 258


Okay seriously, who comes up with these names?

Here’s a recurring scenario in shonen: the main hero has a special power which, at first, seems to be unique to him, but we soon discover dozens of other characters like him. Like in One Piece, where there were only three Devil Fruit users in the first hundred or so chapters, but now they’re everywhere. When you think of it like that, it’s actually very intriguing that we haven’t seen many Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail. In over 250 chapters, we’ve only come across 5 of them, and I think Laxus and Cobra are supposed to be some bizarre new version of them. Read the rest of this entry

Bleach – Chapter 471


If that's not creepy enough, keep in mind she's technically talking to a stuffed animal.

The flashback in this chapter really got my attention. I’ve seen a lot of them in manga, even very recently, but I’ve never seen a series combine multiple flashbacks into one. It was an interesting style choice which, if nothing else, was rather unique compared to a lot of other flashbacks. Of course Kubo may have just done it to save time, but considering some of the longer flashbacks I’ve seen in D.Gray-man or Dengeki Daisy, I know there are worse things than making them too short. Read the rest of this entry

The World God Only Knows – Chapter 164

GodOnlyKnows164 there won't be any witnesses...

[Note: If you only saw the anime of The World God Only Knows, most of this blog post isn’t going to make sense.]

I  just got caught up on this series, and until a few chapters ago, I wasn’t thinking about which girl had the final goddess inside them. Somehow, I got the idea in my head that Akari held one of the goddesses until I looked it up and found out she was in the Runaway Spirit Squad. So I’ve only just begun to think about whether it will be Ayumi or Chihiro, or someone else entirely. From what I’ve heard people say, the fact that Keima currently believes the goddess is in Chihiro means that it definitely isn’t there. Now, I’ve read enough Liar Game to understand that train of thought, but there’s something else interesting about that idea. Let’s assume that for that theory to be true, Keima has to successfully romance Chihiro, since otherwise there wouldn’t be a fakeout. If that’s the case, though, then wouldn’t he end up with a love interest whose memory WON’T disappear? What happens then? Read the rest of this entry