Liar Game – Chapter 139

Liar Game 139

Akiyama knows how to make an entrance.

Well, it’s finally here! We waited a year and a half for a new chapter of Liar Game, and now our waiting is over. It’s good to see that after all this time, the series still knows how to present itself. We’re only one chapter in and Nao is getting in touch with her ideals while Akiyama is already making deals with the other players and Yokoya is setting up his new plan for the game as a whole. We don’t even know what this round is going to be, and I’m already excited.

I’ve gathered up a big list of things I could write posts about – Nao and Akiyama, Yokoya’s overall plan, the nature of the Liar Game or whatever the hell Fukunaga is still doing – but since we’re at the beginning of a story arc, I think it’s wild speculation time!

Let’s gather what we know about the current game. It takes place in a cyber-cafe, there are 11 contestants on Akiyama’s side, and there appears to be 8 on Yokoya’s, though there could be more just off panel. It currently appears that the two groups won’t be playing together. Harimoto is in the same group as Nao and Akiyama, while Fukunaga is stuck with Yokoya on the other side.

So far, the game feels closer to the first Revival Round than the second, so I’m sure we won’t have the 1 vs 1 games like we did before. Of course with that first game, we didn’t have Akiyama for most of it or an opponent as tough and close together as Team Harimoto. Then there’s Akiyama’s little stunt with having everyone write each other’s names. I think the reason he did that was because he knows that to beat a tight group, he needs to put together an even stronger one. He couldn’t possibly have known what the game is in advance, but he knew the difficulty in beating a group with just two people. With the other five knowing for a fact that Akiyama can and would shoulder their debts for them, in addition to their memory of him beating Yokoya the way he did before, they’ll be more likely to follow him instead of someone else.

Then there’s the game itself. The thing that caught my attention was that it’s taking place in a cyber-cafe. The first Revival Round was in an old bowling alley, and the TV monitors in it were used as part of the game. Now it’s set in a place full of computers and other hardware, which no other round had. I’m fairly certain these are going to play a big role in the upcoming game, even if I don’t know how yet. Considering how half the games they play are ones we’ve never heard of beforehand, it’s probably pointless to try and guess the nature of the game any further than that. However, I’m going to just randomly throw a guess out there because I can: Stock Market, where the stocks represent the other players. No, I don’t know how that would work, but this is Liar Game. They’ve put more tension on sillier games.

The last thing I’d like to mention is the eliminations. This is the Revival Round, so whoever loses here isn’t coming back. At least I don’t think they can. If you can represent other players, I suppose it would be possible for Akiyama or even Yokoya or Harimoto to lose and still take the spot of one of their allies. That certainly sounds like a rule the better players would abuse the crap out of. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s Yokoya’s master plan: take everyone’s money, lose this game on purpose, and swap in for his ally who won Round 4.

That aside, I’m wondering what else Akiyama’s plan could be for this game. In the first Revival Round, there was only one person who lost for each group of 9, so that could be the case here. If so, then I’m not sure who they would pick to leave if they get the chance. Of course you’d want Harimoto as far away from the game as possible, but Nao would certainly want to get Abe out this round. In that case, there are two ways I could see this round going: they get rid of Harimoto (assuming he doesn’t use the above loophole) and Abe takes Akagi’s old place with the main characters, or they make it look like they’ll get rid of Harimoto but instead get rid of Abe and repay her debts. The latter seems like the more likely option, but that’s very close to how the first Revival Round ended, and this isn’t the kind of series to get repetitive. Of course there could be more than one person to eliminate, and then the solution is obvious: evict Harimoto’s entire group. Or at least try to, since I doubt he’ll go down easy.

Guessing what will happen next was always the best part of reading Liar Game, since you’re almost always wrong. You can be approaching the very end of a game, and you still wouldn’t know what the players were planning until it happened. I first read through the series during the hiatus, so I never got to experience it week-to-week. Now it’s one of the manga I’m looking forward to most of all, and I’m very curious how this game will turn out. And I really hope Fukunaga doesn’t lose his game, since it wouldn’t be the same without him.

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  1. I have to pick up this series as well now that its out of the hiatus, I was waiting exactly to restart before picking it up. 😀

    P.S. Still at second volume of KamiNomi, but its great…:P

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