Anime Previews – Top 10 Invasion Squid Girl Chapters That Need To Be Animated

(Note: for the sake of convenience, the show will be referred to as Invasion! Squid Girl and the character will be referred to as Ika Musume)

With the second season of Invasion! Squid Girl coming out in the Fall, I thought I would share some thoughts I had. See, after finishing the first season, I immediately tracked down the original manga and read what I could find online. It had some good moments, as well as some…not as good ones (“Ika gets a travelling bag.” WTF?). Recently, I looked through the chapters I managed to find and found those which I felt most needed to be in the second season. So here’s an early look of sorts at what could be waiting for us next season with the Top 10 Invasion! Squid Girl Chapters That Need To be Animated.

10. Aren’t You All Siblings?


It’s that thought we’ve all had when watching TV shows: how the hell are these people related? This is the chapter that finally…well, it tries to answer it. Some things are beyond even the best of us.

What I like about this chapter is how it looks at the Aizawa family. The frantic search for proof that the characters are related shows how much they care in their own weird, weird way. Plus it deals with that long search for answers that will never come because, you know, shonen comedy.

9. Won’t You Spot The Mistakes? 

This is one of those chapters that has the biggest potentials for expansion, in my opinion. The premise – that Ika suddenly decides to find the mistakes in everything, for reasons that make perfect sense to her – is something that could easily be applied to anyone in the series. Hell, it’s a shame she didn’t run into the girl with the fake Ika head. My favourite mistake has to be Cindy’s, since it dangerously approaches meta-humour. I’d really enjoy seeing what the anime would do with this chapter.

8. Won’t You Trust?

This is the first of several entries that deal with the interaction between side characters. This time Nagisa attempts to get help from Cindy in dealing with “the squid-alien”, even if she doesn’t believe in aliens herself.

I’m not sure what it is I like more: the collaboration between the two characters, or their eventual falling apart. It’s the sort of chapter that could easily be made into an episode, especially with the original chapter being made before the other scientists were introduced, thus making room for expanding the scenes. There’s a strange mental image of Nagisa trying on uncomfortable combat gear that I can’t quite get out of my head.

7. Wanna Dress Up As A Guy? / Stop Dressing Like A Man?

So the girls one day discovered most of their customers were men, who were apparently there to ogle the cute girls behind the counter. Their perfectly reasonable response to learning they’re being ogled is to dress one of their own as a boy to attract female customers.

Yes, they actually do this.

For me the premise would be enough to warrant a spot on this list, but what I really enjoyed is that she doesn’t stop cross-dressing until 20 chapters later. She does it so long the regular customers think she quit. The whole thing was just silly and audacious and so perfectly fitting for this series.

Oh, and in case you can’t tell, that’s Nagisa.

6. Won’t You Try Surfing?

Ika invades Nagisa’s territory! Or tries to…

Of all the “Ika Tries…” chapters, this one is my favourite for three reasons. First, it actually relates to the hobbies of one of the other characters, rather than just something random Ika happened to come across (and those chapters feel like Yotsuba& chapters, but not as good). Second, it has Nagisa actually standing up to Ika for once, which isn’t something we get to see in many other chapters. Third, and most importantly…

What more reason could a man want?

5. Isn’t It Evil? 

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. An invader can only stay an invader for long before crossing that thin line and becoming a childish prankster.

It’s just the idea of Ika trying to act “evil” all the time. It reminds me a lot of Disgaea and Nurarihyon no Mago where the demons are petty vandals and large children. Of course one of the highlights of this chapter is Chizuru and her reaction to Ika’s new attitude. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say the woman has never been scarier. And, of course, we have that scene of Ika yelling at Sanae. Maybe now she’ll finally learn something from-

…never mind.

4. Won’t You Be Loved? / Aren’t You A Rival In Love?

As I said, I prefer the chapters that focus on the side characters. Too much of one main character can be a bad thing, you know. As such, Sanae’s inevitable meetings with Nagisa and Kiyomi were a welcome sight indeed.

I put these two chapters together both because of the similar stories and because I could easily see the two being animated as one story. They still feel somewhat different, with Nagisa’s chapter being partly about the conflict between the two and Kiyomi’s being more about Sanae, specifically. The big reason they placed so highly is because these are the types of confrontations that are hard to ignore. It’s a simple thing to write about, and I’d like to see more of it.

3. Isn’t That Amnesia?

Early on, there was a single chapter called “Isn’t It A Pinch?” that served as the basis for the finale of the first season. In all the chapters I’ve read, this is the only one that I think could be made into another finale. It’s the chapter where Ika, suffering from the common amnesia, seriously questions her existence and the motives for her invasion.

Okay, it’s nowhere near that dramatic, but you see where it’s going. The question of who Ika is has been asked before, but this is the first time she seems to question it herself. I could easily see this chapter being the basis for a big event or two at the end of the series, or even some expansion for a normal episode.

2. Won’t You Fight? 

I think this may be my favourite original chapter, specifically because of the way it highlights the relationship between Eiko and Ika. They get into a massive fight over Ika mistreating Eiko’s save data (which we can all understand) and declare their friendship over.

I always enjoy the interaction between these two because you do get the feeling they’re closer than they would every admit. Seeing these two fight and make up like this is a lot more than you get from most chapters. It’s the sort of story the anime episodes like to expand on and give the depth they deserve. And speaking of which…

1. Isn’t That A Cat?

The most memorable episodes of the first season were those stories that tugged at your heartstrings. The ones that made you feel sorry for the precious umbrella that got run over by a car. The chapter I picked for the #1 spot is one which I can picture becoming one of those.

This one panel is all the story we get of Nagisa and her pet cat. I do wish it had been more, but this is a gag manga we’re talking about. Nagisa’s tearful reaction to seeing another cat may not be a lot, but this is all it really takes for the anime to make something memorable. The season one finale? The mini-Ika episode? They were based on single manga chapters that just had their potential brought out. And that’s the sort of episode I see when I imagine this chapter getting animated. Yes, it ends on a humorous note, but technically, so did the mini-Ika episode.

Plus, you know, it’s the chapter that brought us this:

So that’s my top 10 chapters. I don’t yet know what the next season of the anime will have in store, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

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  1. I definitely agree with all these. The second season would be so much enjoyable, and I did have a big laugh at some of the chapters on your list. Let’s hope the second season will have these chapters!

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