Soul Eater – Chapter 89

Maka's soul wavelength

"The white lights you see now are the humans. Next are the red ones; the mutants."

Soul Eater is one of the few series where I’m genuinely confused as to what direction it’s headed. Of those, it may be the only series where I don’t feel that’s a bad thing. Normally, being that confused about where a series is moving means the writer may be just as confused as you, but I don’t get that feeling here. A lot has been going on lately, with the Book of Eibon and Crona both on the loose, and now we’re getting information about the Kishin after who-knows-how-long since his release.

What really threw me, though, was where he was hiding all this time. I always expected he was in a cave somewhere, sitting around while everyone went insane. But he’s been hiding on the MOON?! The big, smiling thing that’s been one of the most identifiable images from the series all this time? That…that I was not expecting. It honestly got a chuckle out of me. I’m not sure how the anime went, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t do THAT.

It’s a little odd how things are progressing, though. I thought that after the last arc and the recent chapters, the story was going to focus more on Crona. Maybe it still will, but it looks like things shifted over to the Kishin in this chapter. Maka and Soul use their soul wavelength to look for Crona and suddenly, the Kishin is there. Now, while they’re still looking for him/her, everyone else is focused on the bigger threat, which feels a little sudden after all this time with next to no new information. After all, wouldn’t you think the Kishin would be the last enemy you’d focus on?

This poses an interesting question, though: will the Kishin really be the last boss? With everything that’s been happening, someone usurping his position isn’t out of the question. After all, we all thought Medusa would come after Crona, and look what happened there (though I’m sure Medusa is still alive, otherwise what would be the point of taking Arachne’s body?). And what is the Book of Eibon up to? I’m honestly not sure, but I have a feeling more surprises are waiting in the next few chapters that may help us answer these questions. This is what I’ve slowly started to appreciate about the manga: you never really know what’s going to happen.

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